I was born at Subiaco in Western Australia and at the early stages of life I was raised by my Mum, Dad and my grandparents. Around the age of six, I was placed in the New Norcia Mission Orphanage until early teens. At school, I was always interested in Art and the art-works one could employ. After I left the Mission, I met a man from Victoria who I later married. His name was Len and we went to Marble Bar to live and bring up our two children. Later, I left Len and went to live in Geraldton and various other places where the work or study took me. All the while I was in Marble Bar I painted away on canvas and used oils as a medium. This fascinated me as I could put the paint on and take it off if the painting wasn’t right. I painted mainly landscapes and also produced my first Indigenous Dott painting which went overseas.

At Geraldton, I began Indigenous paintings again after a period of around 10 years. I love to create works of art and am engaged on an art project using acrylic paints to create 32 art-works in Indigenous dot paintings. Overall, I have been painting for over thirty years and it still interests me.