Les (Bucky) Hill

BORN: Mullewa, Western Australia
LANGUAGE GROUP:  Wadjarri , Murchison
REGION:   Murchison Region

Les Hill (aka Bucky) was born in Mullewa.

Les is self taught who has been painting since 2006 and he mainly paints acrylics on canvas.

Les likes to mix traditional aboriginal art styles with contemporary images for example football teams combined with traditional styles.  He also likes to paint about country – wildflowers and things related to the Murchison area.

In 2009 he moved to Geraldton where he continues to paint about the land and its associated colours.

Les paints because it is relaxing, it is something that he has always done and it helps him to concentrate.



2010   Track.Trail, Geraldton WA
2010   NAIDOC, ACDC, Geraldton WA
2010   Good HeART, Perth WA
2006   Mullewa Show Art Exhibition, Mullewa WA