22/377-Sky Stories


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Product Description

This painting is about two of our cultural sky stories, The Emu in the sky and the Seven sisters.

The seven sisters is a story about how there were seven sisters being pursued by a man who was a hunter. He was interested in on of the youngest of the sisters, but this relationship was wrong. So in order to escape and protect the youngest sister they all left the earth and flew up into the night sky.

 The emu in the sky is a sign to tell us when it’s time to go hunting for emu eggs. When it’s the season for eggs the whole community goes out looking. As children it was always a competition to see who could find the first nest and the most eggs. Then we went home and we made a cake out of the first egg and the others were made into omelettes. The emu egg is like gold for our people. We still use this today to know when it’s time to go bush.


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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 40 × 0.5 × 50 cm


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