Granny Mary


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From an image of Julie Dowling’s maternal great grandmother Mary “Granny” Latham (nee Oliver) from the Badimaya First Nation. Born at New Gullewa outstation of Wydgee station in 1882. Mary was used for her skills as tracker, mustering and finding water. She was abused and exploited as slave labour. She was her father’s servant (a wealthy pastoralist and hotel owner) and later by her prospector husband working to make him a wealth man. His name was Francis Arthur Latham. The white man who fathered her mother as human exhibits to England. On her return, her mother, Melbin, escaped but had to leave her behind. “Granny” was known to do the work of a man with many Badimaya people still telling stories of her bush skills. She ended her days working his small property at Coorow and passed away at Three Springs hospital in 1959. She is buried at Three Springs cemetery.

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