Wadbi Line


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Product Description

Artist: Charmaine Green

Our clothes line is no ordinary line- it is a wadbi (fish) line as well.  When we catch wadbi and feel like a feed of smoked fish down come the clothes and the fish are hung up to dry out.  This is a task in itself with someone being there at all times to keep insects away.  There is probably an easier way to dry the fish but this method is the one for us – it brings together the family because we talk, argue and laugh through the whole process.  It makes us think of our old people and methods they would have used many years ago in Australia and New Zealand.  It also bring memories of my deceased Maori father-in-law and what he had taught his son’s when he made smoked fish .


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 4 × 56 cm
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