On Badimaya Country Photo Exhibition

Free Community Event: On Badimaya Country Photo exhibition

Hosted by the Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health (CUCRH), the exhibition will be held in Mt Magnet and Geradton.

The photos feature a pure collection of experiences collated over a 3-month period spent with the Badimaya people of Mount Magnet.

This exhibition gently peels away at the layers and leaves a rich feeling of belonging, trust and warmth…

Join CUCRH, in either Mount Magnet or Geraldton, to launch the photos, and celebrate the Badimaya People, their culture and their language.

Exhibition Launch Dates

April 17, 4pm, Anzac Memorial Hall, Mount Magnet

April 30, 3pm, Regional Library, Geraldton

RSVP for the launches to admin@cucrh.uwa.edu.au