Cousin Peter 2017


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Product Description

My second cousin’s name is Peter Handerson-Taylor.

He has worked many times for slave wages or has been exploited for no pay most of his working life simply because he’s a First Nation man. One of the most discriminatory “job” systems is CDEP or “work for the dole” whereby remote workers work up to 25 hours per week while seeing a permanent or part-time position. No other job seeker in Australia is asked to do this much to get jobless benefits. Many jobs are withheld based on racial profiling. Peter has worked on road work depicted on the bottom of the painting which flies in the face of what he believes about land care symbolised by the trees surrounding his torso. Peter wears the standard uniform he wears for work duties with a reflector band on his orange shirt. Many would argue that the condition for First nation workers is modern slavery. Peter is a Badimaya via his grandmother Violet Taylor (nee Latham) who is my grandmother’s older sister.

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Dimensions 100 × 3 × 120 cm

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