Molly & Dorothea: The Servant Shall become the Master


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“The Servant shall become the master” is a quote from the Roman Catholic Bible. The same quote is symbolic of the misinterpretation towards assimilation of First Nation children via orphanages and missions. The two figures are, left to right, Molly Dowling (nee Latham) dressed in white who is maternal grandmother to Julie Dowling and Dorothy “Dot” Passmore (nee Latham) seated. Both were taken from their mother by their white surveyor father to the southwest far from Badimaya country in the mid-west. They were supposed to be schooled and assimilated to marry white men for marriage. They were taken to the Catholic Sisters of Mercy orphanage known as St Joseph’s in Subiaco as there was no facility by the Church of England to take them in. They were ages 12 and 9 respectively and stayed as domestic servants till they were placed in an “assimilation house” in Wembley where they were employed in Perth to pick up white men during the war to find a white husband.


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